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My Name Is Suvrodeep Das. I am a stuent of class XI (Computer Science). I have done many projects in the tehnical fields which include Robotics, Web Development, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing,etc. I am a FreeLancer at freelancer.com and fiverr.com.

Web Design & Development

I am an intermediate Web Developer with quite experience in HTML, CSS and JS. I have done few non-paid projects on freelancing sites for enhancing my experience.


I am just an amateur in this field. Trying to explore and learn as much as possible. No Major projects done till now but will definitely look for some in the coming future.

Ethical Hacking

I have quite a great experiencein this field and have worked hard and smart to upskill myself in this arena. Planning to take part in Hackathon in my college years.


I have done a special course on this topic from IEMA Labs(An initiative by IEM College) and have done several projects. Also I did a non-paid internship on this topic to know it's Industrial Applications.

Recent Projects

Project 1

Robotics Is Love

Projects like Line Follower Car, Voice Controlled Car,Gesture Controlled Car,Self-balancing Car, Face Recognition Car, Self driving Car(using TensorFlow), Drones,etc; I have done them all.


Project 2

Hacking Is Love

I know certain hacking skills like social engineering, Pen-Testing,etc. Recently hacked my friend's google account with the help of a bogus mail. Also hacked another system using a mobile game which seemed like a normal one but is actually works like a spyware.


Project 3


Recently participated in TechFest Young Invntor 2020 and was selected in the Top 20 participants among 1200+ submissions.


Project 4

Company's Website

Recently I created a website for a startup for free as I wanted to gather experience from the project. Sneak-peek of the project is to your left.


Project 5

Instructable Contest: Battery Powered Contest

I took part in this contest out of curiosity and the experience I gathered will last forever! Link to my project:-SMART GLASS


About me

Front End Developer

The great pleasure introduce my self. I’m Suvrodeep , Im from Kolkata. Since 1 year I’m working as web developer and have developed many websites as freelancer... I am a High School student studying at Aditya Academy Secondary, Barasat. My Skills: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, jquery and React JS. I gonna developing jquery plugin and react js projects so as soon as possible I'll update all projects in my GitHub account. That’s all about and Thank you so much.

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+1 234 123 1234

+1 234 123 1234